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"The leadership that you provide is perfectly balanced between encouraging, supportive and protective. The range of skills, experience and confidence is quite diverse yet you seem to strike a perfect balance. I have learnt far more than just flying skills from Flying Frenzy Paragliding Holidays and I carry these leadership lessons over to my professional life."

Algodonales - Dependable winter flying

Algodonales is situated in the far South of Spain and has a reputation of giving great flying the whole year round. Set in the middle of Andalusia and just an hour and a half from Malaga airport this region stays warm pretty much the whole year through with generally light winds. When we in the UK are rattled by gales or frozen through, the climate down here is more like a decent UK late spring or early summer day. There is a great variety of flying sites from 2000 feet mountains to lower more UK style ridges. Large open landing areas are the norm. The area also boasts plenty of olive groves, vineyards, Roman remains, lakes, rivers and a guitar factory and a bustling town centre for evening meals.


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9th to 16th February 2019

Sorry, but it is already FULL. Please contact us if you would like a place if anyone drops out!

St Andre - Autumn thermalling and XC

St Andre is one of the world’s big name free flying sites - the venue for many many major competitions. The reasons for this are various - good cross country routes, reliable thermal sources, a very good road up to the large easy take off, plentiful easy fields for landing out. By the autumn time the strength of the thermals has settled down but still almost guarantees us decent climbs.

Our last three trips gave us seven straight days flying with a variety of flights from client's first ever thermalling to decent cross country flights. Similarly with this trip we will be looking to do some defined XC tasks and to encourage and support you to achieve and progress.

We will again be staying at the spacious and comfortable Fly St Andre apartments with its panoramic views of the mountain, town and main landing field and of course, its own landing field/front garden!


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We are going to take a break from our Autumn trip in 2019. Watch this space for what comes next.

Gréolieres - reliable year round flying

Greolieres has been our main off-season destination for the last few years. It is in the Maritime Alps near Nice, where the French Alps meet the Mediterranean sea . The advantages of this stunningly beautiful area are many. Generally the climate down near the Cote d'Azur is warm and sunny with light winds even in the depths of winter. What's more, the microclimates of the flying sites mean that even if there are strong winds up at the mountain tops, where we actually fly is sufficiently sheltered to remain safe and easy. Usually we fly on at least 6 days - one week we even managed to fly on 8 days! Flying on offer can include smooth big top-to-bottoms, UK style ridge soaring and the possibility of thermalling up to cloudbase. The sites are from 700 to over 2000 feet top to bottom and range from classic mountain ridges to flying high over Monaco before landing on the beach next to a bar.


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Nik inflating at Lachans, Oct '06

James flying the main ridge at Greolieres, Jan '06

Andrew test flying the Mustang at Lachans, Feb '05