Getting in touch with us at Flying Frenzy

Please do get in touch if you have any questions that haven't been answered in the Courses or FAQ pages or to check availability.

Please note the mobile signal is very changeable in West Bexington so if you call the mobile it may be transferred through to the land-line answer-phone. Please do leave a message or send us a text. Many thanks, Andrew

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Andrew Pearse CFI
Flying Frenzy Paragliding Ltd.
Manor Cottage
West Bexington

Landline: 01308 898777
Mobile: 0799 0505 725


Staying in touch on our Courses - the Telegram App

We use the messaging app Telegram to make staying in touch easy for you and us. We have various group; Waiting room (not yet started), EP, CP, Weekenders (can only fly weekends) and Refreshers (already have a CP or higher rating but would benefit from some training to either building skills or get back into the air after a lay-off). Once you've got your booking form in to us please pop my mobile number (0799 0505 725) in your phone contacts and send me a message and I will add you to the appropriate group. I will then let the groups know what is likely to be happening over the next little while, with forecasts and flyable days and you can let me know your availability. This is particularly useful during the Covid-19 situation as things are changing very fast!