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We stock all our best sellers and can usually get any other items you want within days.

It is our policy to sell only the wings and equipment that we think are great to fly with as well as being great value so all the products listed below are tried out by us and highly rated. For simplicity and in line with our ethos for straightforward service, we price our products as nice whole numbers.

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BGD - Bruce Goldsmith Design

BGD is our main brand. We just love these colourful, agile and well behaved wings. Why not join the team?

Seed - GH only mini-wing

Unbelievably good value mini wing to hone your GH skills - even when the wind is howling!


Adam - EN A

The Adam is such a fun wing to fly. It comes up so easily and then is agile in the air, but not so much that it is unsettling.


Magic - Higher EN A

BGD's brand new higher performing A wing. A whole new colour scheme and good performance and solidity, but still with the BGD fun feel.


Epic - Lower EN B

The Epic has been a great seller with its lovely handling good performance and unmissable colour scheme. Smiley flying!


Echo - Lower EN B

The lighter weight version of the Epic.


Punk - High EN B

An amazing taut and direct top performing C class wing. Surprisingly easy on the ground and absolutely stunning looker.


Riot - High EN B

Lightweight Punk.


Cure - EN C

The stripy XC wing. High aspect ratio but proven to be well behaved when it gets rough. Short and direct brake travel.


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Gin have been one of the biggest paragliding brands for nearly two decades and for good reason. Always dependably good performance and never giving too high a workload for the pilot

Gin Bolero 6 - EN A

This is one of the nicest, best behaved first wings ever. Solid as you like but still good handling. Lots of high end features have now percolated into this high performing first wing.


Gin Atlas 2 - Low/Mid EN B

It took Gin a long time to better their original Atlas. The second version now has much better ground handling and a more direct control feel.


Gin Sprint 3 - Mid/High EN B

Amazing glide performance for this bracket and a very solid glider over your head.


Gin Explorer - High EN B

Lighter weight, ultra B performance.


Gin Bonanza 2 - EN C

More performance than most pilots would ever need but a cohesive wing even in demanding conditions.


Gin Leopard - EN D

Just released - full on XC machine


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BGD Snug

A simple but well featured harness - pretty light too at 3.3kg for the medium size. Foambag back protection.


Gin Airlite 4

A great airbag harness - their lightest yet at under 3kg for the medium size. Recently released and set to be a popular first choice.


Gin Gingo 3

The latest edition of this popular foambag harness - this time they have reduced the weight significantly.


Gin Genie Light

A great all round pod (like Andrew's personal harness) - light but with full foam back protection.


Skywalk Cult 4

If you are after a deep seated harness to hold you all- encompassed, this is it.



Charly No Limits

Stylish full face helmet with removable visor.

From 220

Charly Insider

A classic design that has been around for ages but if it is great why change it?

From 170

Plusmax Plusair

Our best seller - good protection, removable earflaps and the option of a chin-guard turning into a full face. We have all sizes in stock and a good range of the colour options.

100 / 140 (open/fullface)

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Gin Bolero 4, Gingo Harness, B-cool Helmet

Gin Atlas

BGD Tala

Plusair helmet, Airlite harness
(old model - avialable s-h)

Gin Airlite harness, Plusair Helmet

Supair AlitX harness, Hanwag boots

Airwave Gecko - available second hand